Product Description

A hot dipped bitumen impregnated fibreboard.

  • Widely used as a cost-effective joint filler in expansion joints in most types of concrete paving such as paths, driveways, aprons, kerbs and gutters.
  • Can also be used as a sound insulating material or as formwork in conjunction with timber, plywood or metal supports.
  • Waterproof, rot proof, vermin and termite resistance ensures long term exterior durability
  • Easily worked and fitted.
  • Impregnation by the hot dip method ensures that the bitumen in Jointex remains in the board for long term stability and uniform performance.
  • Recovery after 50% compression is approximately 70% sealing joints from dirt, debris and plant growth.
  • The high bitumen content allows Jointex to adopt the shape of expansion joints, ensuring complete sealing.
  • The rigidity of Jointex enables it to withstand rough handling on site so that it is not damaged during placing and compaction of concrete.


Datasheet / Product Information Sheet
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