SikaSwell WaterStop

SikaSwell WaterStop
Product Description

SikaSwell® systems are ideal for sealing construction joints in basements and other below ground structures with a low to medium ground water pressure. They can be applied as the primary sealing solution, or in combination with other waterproofing systems to provide additional security.

The application of SikaSwell® Sealants is with a standard sealant gun and they can be used as a joint sealant and also as an adhesive for SikaSwell® Profiles or the injection hose system SikaFuko® Swell-1. A typical application of SikaSwell® Profiles and Sealants is in the waterproofing of construction joints between floor slabs and walls.

The SikaSwell® S-2 Sealants and the Profiles, using the Sealants as the adhesive, can also be applied directly onto rough surfaces for refur- bishment works, and in combination with other waterproofing systems such as SikaFuko® VT-1 injection hoses, to seal connection joints between new and existing buildings or structures for example.

Datasheet / Product Information Sheet
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