Chemset REO 502

Chemset REO 502
Product Description

Extra heavy duty anchoring of reinforcing bar and threaded studs into solid concrete and stone.Two-component, high bond strength epoxy adhesive specially designed for structural connections, such as reinforcing bar. Suitable for dry, damp, wet and flooded holes. Quick setting for improved productivity. Long working time to reduce nozzle wastage. Bar development lengths in accordance with AS3600. Structural reinforcing bar connections in slabs, columns, beams and walls. Structural steel columns, raker angles, seating.

Product Details
Loading Time (Hours)
Substrate Temperature* (°C) Working Time (Minutes) Dry / Damp Flooded
5 32 96 240
10 22 48 160
15 17 22 115
20 13 12 85
30 8.5 6 48
Datasheet / Product Information Sheet
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