Oxtek X200 Densi Proof

Oxtek X200 Densi Proof
Product Description

OXTEK X200 Densi-Proof Concrete Densifying Solution

A single pack one application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or old concretet. provides permanent waterproofing, curing and protection. X200 Densi-Proof conforms to the moisture suppressant requirements as per AS1884-2012.

PLEASE NOTE: Over burnishing the concrete will impede the penetration of Oxtek X200 Densi-Proof.

Waterproofs and improves old concretete.

  • Forms a permanent internal moisture barrier in the concrete, eliminating the risk of moisture compromising floor coverings, coatings, adhesives or sealers.
  • Will cure concrete equal to water pond curing.
  • Reduces risk of cracking.
  • Permanently integrally waterproofs concrete from any direction.
  • Exceptional densifier and hardener for any concrete.
  • Increases compression strength.
  • Resists freeze thaw damage.
  • Limits environment for fungus and mould growth.
  • Retards efflorescence.
  • Can be used on vertical and horizontal substrates.
  • User friendly.
  • 15 year warranty on new concrete.
  • Unlimited shelf life.
  • Made in Australia.

Products Sizes

5L, 15L, 200L, 1200L

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