Product Description

CUPOLEX® is a patented structural dome concrete slab system made from recycled non-toxic Polypropylene. Each dome easily inter-connects to create a self supporting structure acting as permanent form work, as an alternative to Waffle slab polystyrene and/or hard fill in your concrete slab. Not only does CUPOLEX® provide an absolute barrier and reduces potential for rising damp with no capillary action possible, but it also is cost effective.

The two most common domes are the H26 (260mm - 320 slab) and the H35 (350mm - 410 slab). 

The Cupolex system is fast to install saving you time and labour cost.

It is also known to reduce the concrete consuption in the slab.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or an obligation free quote.


Cupolex have recently refined their engineering, which now means it uses the same or less concrete than a waffle pod slab.


Datasheet / Product Information Sheet
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